Fashion+ Function = HAS

Well it all started one day in 2007 when my best friend SG and I were hanging out and he wanted to know if I had any iron on transfers so he could make a white falcon guitar shirt because he played this guitar in a band. I in fact did so we spent half the day trying to make this shirt. We kept messing them up and he said "forget it" and I said "Im going to figure this out". Long story short, when I finally got it he took one look and laughed and said "it's upside down". To this day we never did get that shirt to turn out right, maybe because the band broke up and he never played that guitar again. But I found a love for shirt making that day and HAS by Shannon aka Hot Ass Shirts was born and I have made hundreds of shirts since then. I mostly did rock art and iconic art shirts. My shirts later went on to inspire the opening of an art gallery that sold functional art in Boulder City, Nevada called "Eclectica" and my shirts were also sold in Vasari, a high end boutique in Las Vegas. From there HAS came to mean Handbags, Accessories, and Shirts when I expanded and made jewelry, art, and upcycled furniture. This is what I was born to do and I love that I am fortunate to be able to follow my dreams. I appreciate all of my customers because they inspire me to do what I love. Thanks for your support.